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Super Fish Oil


Take 4 pills a day and get 3 grams of EPA/DHA.

Take with food.

Research shows 3 grams of EPA/ DHA helps to reduce inflammation and pain better than NSAIDS.

Great to recover from a game, workout, recent car accident or sports injury or for chronic pain.

Super Powder Chocolate


Get your daily nutrients all in one scoop. Stop buying Vit D3, Multivitamins pills that are harder to digest versus our fast-acting, GREAT tasting powder.  Our all-in-one formula, SUPER POWDER: 

•15 grams of Whey isolate, concentrate, pea isolate, milk concentrate protein, BCAA 

•Vitamin D3, Vit A-E 

•1 gram of Wheatgrass, spinach, dandelion, alfalfa, and kale leaf 

•Flax seed powder 

•Digestive enzymes and more... 

 Most competing brands are JUST PROTEIN and don't add in the vital synergistic nutrients. In fact, if you bought these items separately it would cost an additional $60-100 more a month. 

Take before, after or as a meal replacement with water or milk.



Super Greens


Gain a natural edge with Proformance greens     Why more greens?    Coffee, sugar, refined foods and alcohol drain our bodies of vital nutrients to function.    

Proformance greens can refuel your cells, organs and MUSCLES for less than a $1.50 per serving.  Kid and adult friendly.     How does it taste?  GREAT, naturally flavored with stevia, strawberry and raspberry     


Focus    Energy    Overall health  

  • 1.5.7 grams of greens like wheatgrass, spinach, kale, spirulina, chlorella and more.....   

  • 1 gram of antioxidants like acai berry, maca root, beet root and more...   
  • 670 mg of Omega 3 flax seed powder   
  • 400 mg of Probiotics   
  • 150 mg of Detoxification support like milk thistle, cilantro and turmeric       
  • GMO and GLUTEN FREE, Paleo friendly, Made in a GMP facility   

Just mix 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of water and enjoy.    30 servings per jar.     Take before a workout, game, study session or anytime you need more energy and focus.          

EVERYONE can benefit from more greens and nutrients!

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